What Makes Video Games Addictive?

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To understand what makes video games addictive its paramount that you understand just how involved today’s games are. Aside from the amazing graphics and storylines that contribute to the outstanding game play there are additional elements involved. A few of these items consist of things like; the impressive technology tends to draw people in who are always looking for the latest and greatest. These types of people have an attraction to gadgets and gizmos and often time this means gaming as well. The development cycle of video game is very rapid, so essentially there are never ending supply of games to choose from.

Typically most people enjoy competition and today an endless number of games are designed to play online with others giving them the opportunity to compete and socialize with people from all over the world. If it’s not about competition it could also be about team play, where the players of the games are dependent on members of a team to work towards achievements and accomplishments they could not achieve on their own. Two very popular games currently are World of Warcraft and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While both of these games are going to have the ability for someone to play solo, most people are compelled to play with others because of the benefits that are offered.

With no ending in sight, lots of these games are nothing more than an open box with a new adventure to embark on every single day. It’s a lot easier for people to sit in front a computer or TV to play games than exert themselves going outside in the heat, the rain, or the cold. The rewards and the achievements found in these games feel rewarding to the players and stimulate the receptors in their brain just like any other addiction would.