Writing Blogs - Content And Presentation Should Get Equal Importance

Different people blog for different reasons. Some blog because they find it an interesting way to

spend time

communicate their ideas to others on the internet

earn more money.

Others are not looking for immediate cash flow but want to create a good reputation online so that they can monetize the same a later date. Whatever your reasons and motivations behind blogging, you should take effort to ensure your blog is reader friendly at all times.

Content is good but design and presentation matter a lot. Would you be interested in reading a 600 page book if it has not been bound properly? Would you be interested in reading a 300 page book if the font is so large that it hurts your eyes? Obviously not. Hence, do not con yourself into thinking that your readers will be more interested in content and not a presentation.

Of course, presenting rubbish in a beautiful manner serves no purpose. Hence, you should try to strike the right balance between presentation and content. Needless to say, you cannot afford to ignore either. The biggest problem with proper presentation of information in your blog is that the parameters keep on changing. There was a time when presenting information in text was considered best.

This is because many individuals made use of basic web browsing software applications to access the web. Making sure that the content is formatted in HTML properly was the right way to proceed. Today, we have web browsers that can not just read text but decode videos, audios and even flash animation files. In such a scenario, presenting a lot of text on the web page is only going to make your blog look ugly.

Hence, stop trying to find that universally perfect solution for your blog as far as presentation is concerned. Instead, try to learn to adapt yourself at frequent intervals. It is important to check out various other blogs to know more about presentation. It is also important to experiment very often and take the risk of making mistakes so that you find the right setup.