Making Choices for the Engagement Ring – Types of Stones

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When it comes to engagement rings, it can be difficult to make choices when it comes to that ever-important purchase. Whether you’re purchasing one that you hope she’ll like, or making some choices together, you should be aware of some basic options when it comes to the engagement ring. Also, there are various options to buy the perfect engagement ring, such as in the store, from a jeweler or online. Keep these in mind when shopping for the perfect diamond for your significant other.

Before you decide on a diamond, get some ideas. For instance, if you have a particular setting in mind, it could be better for certain types of diamonds. If you know that your soon-to-be fiancée loves three-stone rings, then a more traditional diamond (round, princess, etc.) may be best. Every rule here is general; the more you can work with specifics, the easier it will get.

Deciding on a shape or the stone is difficult. The most popular diamond shape is the round cut, which has been optimized in terms of brilliance to create a nice appearance. It is very flexible with regard to settings, as well. Another popular cut is the princess cut, which is the most popular non-round diamond. Featuring pointed corners with a square shape, the princess cut has a very nice appearance. These cuts may be best for one who is more traditional.

Other shapes of diamonds can be utilized as well. Emerald, oval, radiant, and other variations with slight differences can be used on engagement rings if you wish. Slightly more unorthodox shapes, such as a pear or heart cut, are perfectly acceptable.

You should look at the color, clarity, and carat weight once you decide on a shape. The setting of the ring itself, including the type and color of material will be important to consider. While this may seem very confusing, take it one step at a time. It is also a good idea to get your soon-to-be fiancee’s opinion somehow, as these choices are a matter of personal taste. Remember, there are countless resources for purchasing an engagement ring online. Often times, you can get a discount or special incentive for ordering online. Consider shopping on the internet to save time and money for that special moment.