Gaming for the Entire Family

Image via CrunchBase

If you have a family you might decide that videogames could be a viable activity for your family to spend some time together. You would be correct as there are more options now than ever before for family gaming. With the wide variety of different types and genres of games available, there is literally something to suit every person and personality type. Console gaming is very popular, things like the Nintendo Wii offers quite a large library of games that are family friendly. The Wii also is a great option because it provides exercise as the controls are built with motion sensors and such, so unlike traditional gaming that only depends on button presses on a controller the Wii also requires physical movement.

The movement required using the Wii makes it very fun for literally gamers of almost all ages. Young kids can get the hang of the controls because there aren’t a lot of buttons to remember, but instead just movements that feel mostly natural with the controller in your hand. The same logic applies for the older generation as well. These days the Wii isn’t the only one with controllers that depends on physical movement. Just release the Microsoft Kinect is a device made for Xbox 360s that doesn’t even require a controller.

The Kinect sits in front of your tv and has the ability to detect your movements with its multiple sensors and cameras. Sony has also created a motion controller for its Playstation 3 console. It’s called the Playstation move, and works a lot like the Nintendo Wii controller in that you hold it, work through the motions and still need to push buttons. No matter which console and controller you select, you should have a pretty good time with your family and the ability to introduce both older and younger generations into gaming.