Recording Vlogs for YouTube

YouTube is the most popular place to post and share video blogs known as vlogs. People record vlogs to share news and funny videos with friends and family members. While many people keep their profiles public on YouTube, others keep in private for only friends and family to stay in touch.

Here are steps for recording vlogs.

Record a Video

Go out and get a video camera. Most people start out using a built-in camera on their computer. If your computer doesn’t have one, you can pick one up at Target or Wal-Mart.

Start recording! Many people love sharing adorable and funny videos of them, their friends or family and post them on the social networking website. If you live far away from your parents then you can record a special video message that only they will see. Recording vlogs is a great way to stay in touch when you’re far away from home.

Upload your Video on YouTube

Before you can upload the video you will need to create a YouTube account. Setting up the account is easy and completely free. There’s a help section on the website incase you get a little confused.

The video format that’s preferred is .MOV, .AVI or .MPG. In some cases the video might have to be converted, but don’t worry because there are a ton of videos on YouTube showing you how to convert the video files.

Pass Along the Video


Now that the video is upload go ahead and share the video with family and friends. You’ll have the option to make it private, which means only people with the link can view the video.