Blogging to Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

When people blog, they do it for a lot of reasons. Many people do it for money, because they want to get their thoughts out there, gain a readership, and have people pay for what they have to say. They generally make money when people click on ads on their blog, or when people go to buy something through an affiliate link that they have provided. However, there are plenty of people who don’t blog for money. They just do it for fun because they like to share their lives with others and family and friends can stay caught up with them that way. If you’re interested in blogging for family and friends to keep up with your life, it’s easy to do.

You can get a free blog through several different sites. Choose the one you like the best, and sign up. They’re basically similar, and you’ll get the opportunity to pick a template (a background) that you like for your blog. Then, you can start adding content to it right away. Some people create a lot of different sidebar boxes that provide information. Others don’t put nearly as much info in there, but they post frequently so that there’s a lot of interesting content and articles and updates for people to read. Unless you protect your blog and make it invitation only, though, it could be more than family and friends reading it.

Your blog will be accessible to anyone with a computer, so be careful what you’re posting. It’s not a good idea to get too personal unless there are only certain people who can read your blog. If it’s open to everyone, it’s better to be a little bit careful. Some people have posted things about going on vacation and have come home to find their house robbed. It’s better to avoid that level of personal info.