Popular Gaming Genres

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While there are many popular games out there most fit into a few distinct categories, and although you will find some that don’t but today we are looking at the most popular ones. Action games are a fairly broad scope. The reason is they can contain some of the early names like Pong, or Pac Man. Today this encompasses two large sub categories. The first one is FPS or First Peron Shooters very popular today, on consoles and on PCs. Some more items that fit under the heading of action would be hack and slash games as well as your standard run-of-the-mill fighting games.

Role Playing games have been popular since before the time they were even being played on a computer or a console. Games like Diablo are still played today despite having been released years and years ago. Today a huge chunk of RPGs are "MMO" or Massively Multiplayer Online. These types of RPGs, commonly referred to as MMORPGs are ones where people from all over the world can connect to the game via the internet in order to interact in a virtual world. This makes it possible for them to quest and improve their characters. In fact World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games currently being played.

Real Time Strategy games are games that typically require speed as well as careful thought, simply because every single move could completely make or break the game. These games usually depend on exploration, expansion and combat with other players or a computer controlled opponent. One of the most anticipated RTS games was recently released. StarCraft 2 is a sequel to a game so popular it has its own TV channel in some nations where matched against top global players are ranked and watched by enthusiasts around the world.