Benefits of the iPad

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There are a variety of benefits of Apple’s new iPad, which is a unique device that takes from other Apple devices and seeks to improve upon what they have to offer. Its form factor is very small compared to most laptops. This makes it very suitable for a wide range of uses. It has good battery life so unlike a laptop it does not need to spend a ton of time plugged in. There is no screen to flip open as the screen is the entire interface. There is no hardware based keyboard only the one provided by apple on screen. It is lightweight and can be taken just about anywhere.

There are a lot of things you can do with an iPad, things you might not ordinarily do with a traditional laptop. The iPad is great for fast access to the internet. You don’t have to boot the device up every time it starts, just click its sleep button and unlock it just like an iPhone. Really the iPad is essentially just a large iPhone without the ability to make calls- but that’s not a bad thing. In fact there are many things that people would like to do with their iPhones, but are limited because of the small screen size. Things like editing documents or looking at emails on a tiny screen can be bothersome for many- these are things the iPad resolves.

There are a variety of games and apps that work on the iPad and the iPhone as they are running on the same platform, but at the same time, with the larger screen there are now numerous applications that have been designed specifically for the iPad. Things like eBook readers, different email layouts with the iPads split screen view. Working with pictures on the iPad is dead simple and provides you with clarity you wouldn’t get with a smart phone.