Make Your Blog More Reader Friendly - Do Not Hesitate To Experiment

Do you wear the same color everyday? You may be wearing the same pattern of clothes but you certainly will be making changes to color, right? Well, why is it that you write in black in your blog on a daily basis? What is the harm in changing the color of your text once in awhile?

If you are not comfortable changing the color of the text, why not change size of your text? Many persons are afraid of innovating or experimenting with these aspects of the blog because they feel it will affect the reader interest. Well, there is a possibility that the content that you have presented may be unreadable as far as your readers are concerned.

In such a scenario, you will obviously be flooded with complaints about how your latest changes are not reader friendly. As long as you request your readers to provide feedback and inform you that a particular change has or has not worked, you can experiment without any fear.

Of course, the process can backfire if you have a very young and new readership that is not interested in providing feedback yet. In such a scenario, you can ask a few of your friends to go through your blog on a daily basis and inform you about the various changes made.

Whatever you do, do not make the mistake of avoiding experimentation. That is going to lead to stagnation and is going to present a very bad image in front of your readers. The worst aspect of this approach is that you will be accused of not respecting your readers. Chances of making your blog a success will come down drastically if you do not respect readers.