Making Your Blog More Popular - How About Video Posts?

The idea of incorporating videos into your blog may sound like a great one in the beginning. However, many persons chicken out as the time to upload the video to their blog comes near. Why? Well, very few of us are prepared to upload our personal images on the internet. What if somebody downloads the information from your blog and posts it as a funny video on social networking websites?

The possibility of millions of individuals from different countries ridiculing us and our appearance from a video downloaded from the blog is nightmarish stuff. Well, what steps should you take to avoid this problem? Where do you have to start with your video? Why don’t you introduce your readers to your voice?

If they are bored of reading content, they may find it entertaining to listen to you instead. One of the biggest advantages of using audio and video is that you can connect with your readers of the blog in a much better manner. Why? It is very difficult to convey emotions, tones and feelings through text.

It is not impossible because great writers have successfully caused different reactions and generated different emotions in their readers. However, not all of us are great writers and using audio and video can be a very useful shortcut to make your blog more popular.

One advantage of using audio in your blog is that it leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader. The reader may conclude that you have had a tough day from the tone of your voice even though you have not stated anything negative or have not indicated your sentiments. In such a scenario, a comment consoling you for the bad day and encouraging you to enjoy a good day tomorrow can be very soothing.

Once the audio blog is a hit, you can proceed further with the confidence that your voice is appreciated by others. Some of us tend to muffle or eat up our own words. If our readers have given us thumbs up, you can easily proceed to upload videos.