What is Video Gaming Addiction?

Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

There are a variety of reasons that a video games can be addicting. One of the biggest reasons is simply the personality traits of the people who are attracted to them. Video games additions are no joke, addictions are very real. Video game additions have cost people not only their jobs and self dignity, but also relationships with friends, family or a significant other. People with video game addictions will show the same signs as people with more traditional addictions such as drugs and alcohol. It might be becoming withdrawn from people they usually hang out with, neglecting their duties, ignoring personal hygiene, etc.

Another reason people become addicted to video games has to do with the immersion, the fantasy and the realism found in today’s games. Every day the hardware that the video games run on advances, becoming faster and faster allows the developer to write software that is increasingly more complex. The days of games like Pac Man and Pong are over, today’s cutting edge graphics are more realistic than ever before. The harder they work to make games look real the easier it is to fantasize and lose yourself in very creative story lines.

These days video games are everywhere. Three very large companies have consoles on the market, making gaming easy for people who don’t want to sit at a computer. Aside from that- you can find video games on cell phone and smart phones these days and nearly everyone seems to have one. One of the most popular phones out there Apple’s iPhone boasts one of the largest collections of games around, with thousands of titles in hand if you aren’t careful they can suck anyone in with the ability to play them anywhere. If you or someone you know is addicted you can get help, so don’t delay.