Characteristics of Direct TV

Direct TV is a type of direct broadcast satellite service, responsible for transmitting digital satellite television and digital satellite audio to households all over the United States and other countries including Latin America and the Caribbean as well. The primary competitor is Dish Network, and the two companies are the two largest satellite television services in all of the United States.

Direct tv Santa Ana has its very own proprietary network which is known as the 101 Network, which is available only to subscribers of the Direct TV service in the United States. Direct TV also has a number of exclusive sports packages, meaning that Direct TV has all of the rights in the United States for these sports packages. No other network or cable provider is allowed to provide these exclusive sports packages, meaning that it gives Direct TV a leg up over competitors.

Sports packages include the NFL Sunday Ticket, the Direct TV Experience, Men’s Majors Golf, NASCAR Hot Pass and Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments as well. This is all in addition to the normal sports channels such as ESPN and ESPN 2 that Direct TV provides. These sports channel packages are not available through any other provider except for Direct TV, which is why sports lovers often turn to Direct TV as their chosen television provider, to access all of the unique sports tickets that are available through this particular network.

The Direct TV service is a feature-rich satellite service that offers myriad premium channels in addition to the standard television lineup. Direct TV has more than a thousand channels, including local stations, the 101 network, DirecTV News Mix, GSN game lounge, DirecTV Cinema and a number of other networks. The Direct TV channel lineup is constantly evolving to add a number of new features for customers, and other features are also provided including DVR digital recording service.