33 Interesting Biology Research Topics for Your Papers

Are you a student pursuing a biology-related course? Or do you have interests in biology discoveries and looking forward to pursuing one of the top courses in biology? Well, this article is ideal for you as it features the biology research topics that will grab your attention in one way or the other. However, before we highlight the best biology topics that can interest you, let us highlight some of the ideas to get a perfect topic in biology.

How to get the best biological topics:

  • Know what is a good biology research paper topic

Before you settle on any given topic, ask yourself what a perfect biology topic entail? Also, is the topic researchable and unique? So, start by gathering facts about biology topic concepts first before settling on any topic that comes into your mind.

  • Discuss different biological topics with friends

Different students have a different perspective when selecting biology research topics. Some are curious to discover, while some want to gather facts about something. Getting together to exchange such ideas is a perfect way to master the art of picking the best research topic in biology.

  • Read through an already written biology research paper

When you search online or in your library, you will come across many written projects on biology. Go through such samples as you analyze how the writer brought out the best concept and the methods and approaches. Also, analyze how different writers used the wordings when writing the titles.

  • Write a biology research paper outline

An outline is a draft or a guide that will enable you to gather content to include in your final paper. When you write an outline, you know whether your topic will enable you to generate great content or not. After all, you don’t want to run out of ideas in the middle of your writing, and that is why an outline will guide you effectively.

  • Write down different biology research topics

Before settling on a topic, highlight as many topics as you can that interest you. Then, start filtering the weak ones until you get the perfect biology topic to research on.

  • Ask your tutor how to write a biology research paper

Sometimes, all you need as a student is a little guidance from your teacher. For example, you can have the overall view of how you need to bring out your paper but fail to structure it correctly. In such instances, ask for clarity from your professor and do the right thing.

  • Practice writing research paper on biology

Another tip to sharpen your skills in crafting biology research papers is practicing. Get different topics and write as you follow the approved structure. Before you realize it, you will be an expert in writing such papers.

Interesting biology topics you can consider

Biology research topics for high school

  1. Methods Used in molecular biology.
  2. Negative Effects of Antibiotics.
  3. Mechanisms and Consequences of Gene Mutation in Human Beings.
  4. How to Treat Infertility in Women.
  5. What are the Neurophysiological mechanisms in Human Sleep Patterns?
  6. Risk Factors Associated with Cancer.

Biology topics for college students

  1. The Functioning of Human Memory
  2. Evolution, Symptoms, and Causes of Ebola.
  3. Human Reproduction and Hormones.
  4. Do you Think Vaccination is Beneficial?
  5. The relationship Between Physical Traits and DNA.
  6. Science and Drug Addiction.
  7. Theoretical Foundations of Human Origin.

Cell biology topics for research paper

  1. The relationship between cell biology and Genetics.
  2. Explain different types of cells and their roles.
  3. What role does Nucleic Acid in controlling cell growth and development?
  4. Why is cell Membrane Significant?
  5. The Variation in Life Spans of Cells and What causes the Variations.
  6. Cell Signaling.
  7. Epigenetics.

Controversial biology topics

  1. Human Genetic Engineering and Cloning.
  2. Extinction of Premature Species.
  3. Animal Suffering Vs. Animal Rights.
  4. Human Beings and Overpopulation.
  5. Sex Education.
  6. Death and dying.

Biology topics in human biology

  1. What Causes Obesity?
  2. Research in Cancer.
  3. What effect does gut Bacteria Have on the Human Brain?
  4. Biological perception towards Abortion.
  5. Effects of Music on the Human Brain.
  6. Genetic Disorders.
  7. Stem Cells Experiments.


If you enjoy reading and researching biology topics, make this guide your reference point whenever revising for effective tips.

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