40 History Research Paper Topics and Writing Guide

Writing a research paper about history requires attention to detail since there is no room for misinformation. It would help if you researched thoroughly to get information about the topic. However, if your chosen topic is difficult to understand and lacks proper research, you may make mistakes. In this article, you will learn 40 easy research paper topics.

How to write a history research paper

Below you will find details about the most essential elements of a history research paper.

  1. Start with an outline

The outline for your history research paper isn’t too different from any other paper outline. Your outline is a blueprint for each stage of your research paper, so it should come first. A reader should be able to understand what your paper is about by reading the outline.

  1. The title and thesis statement

Your history research paper outline must contain your topic and thesis statement. Both options tell the reader what the paper is going to cover. Your thesis statement can be a single sentence emphasizing the main point of the subject. Also, you can add the thesis statement to your introduction if your supervisor doesn’t require an outline.

  1. Make your introduction compelling

How you write your introduction is critical because it can captivate the reader or make them lose interest. Your introduction should be engaging, but you should still use academic vocabulary. If there are any statistics to add substance to the topic, the introduction will be a great place to add at least one. It shows your reader that you put effort into the research.

  1. Stick to facts in the body

The body is the most essential part of the essay. At this point, you should expand on the key points you highlighted in your history research paper outline. Pick a few key points you want to emphasize about the topic and discuss one point per paragraph. Support every point with facts since history research papers require empirical data.

  1. Write a captivating conclusion

Your conclusion wraps up the paper, so it is vital that you do not mention new points in your conclusion. Most experts rewrite their thesis statements in conclusion to remind the reader of the primary point of the paper. Your conclusion shouldn’t be unnecessarily long. Three to five sentences are enough, depending on the paper’s length.

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. Key revolutionary advancements of the iron age
  2. History accounts of the seven wonders of the world
  3. How the discovery of fire reshaped society
  4. Imperialism and its effect on modern-day Russia
  5. The evolution of man from a stateless to state
  6. Historical theories about the pyramids of Giza

Art history research paper example

  1. Neoclassicism - a mix of old and new art
  2. History of futurism under a telescope
  3. An overview of conceptual art in the 1960s
  4. The post-impressionist history of Vincent van Gogh
  5. The influence of Late Gothic Art on Architecture

History research paper topics

  1. Justification of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  2. The history of formal education in Medieval Europe
  3. The secret history of the Rothschild dynasty
  4. Taj Mahal - a story of undying love
  5. Interfaith marriages during the middle ages

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. The evolution of western religion in Africa
  2. Disenfranchisement of women before the 1920s
  3. The industrial revolution - the birth of modern-day society
  4. A historian’s perspective of the Holy War
  5. The systematic abolishment of salary in America
  6. The discovery of electricity - chance or research?

Music history research paper topics

  1. The historical impact of music in society over the years
  2. The true significance of music during the renaissance era
  3. Influential women in music history
  4. The evolution of music education between the 20th and the 21st century
  5. An overview of contemporary rock music
  6. Historical development of music therapy

US history research paper topics

  1. American history before Christopher Columbus
  2. The American Civil War - Dark years in political history
  3. Integration of Africans into American society - African-American history
  4. A historical account of The Boston tea party
  5. Overcoming the Battle of Antietam
  6. An untold history behind McCarthyism

World history topics for research paper

  1. History about the origin of the Olympic games
  2. Egypt: the cradle of civilization
  3. Social classification in Medieval Europe
  4. History of industrialization in France and Britain
  5. The hidden truth about the holocaust
  6. History of the Spanish inquisition and its influence on modern society’s


Now you know how to write a history research paper, and you have some great topics at your disposal, it is time to get started. Remember to stick to the most accurate accounts of facts available on any topic you choose.

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