Facilities and Resources:

The entire conference will be held in the new premises of the Escola Superior de M�sica de Catalunya (ESMUC) located, as of September 2004, at the Barcelona Auditorium, in the central area of Barcelona. Two chamber music auditoriums will be available and at least three conference halls (classrooms) fully equiped for the occasion.

Organizing Committee:

Andrés Lewin-Richter - Executive Director of Phonos

Scientific Director
Xavier Serra - Director of the Audiovisual Institute (IUA)

Musical Directors:
Gabriel Brncic - Artistic Director of Phonos

Eduard Resina - Head of the Composition Department ESMUC

David Albet - Head of the Classical and Contemporary Music Department ESMUC

Technical Coordinators:
Perfecto Herrera-Boyer - Researcher (IUA)

Jose Lozano - Head of the Electroacoustic Music Studio

Ramon Loureiro - Head of Computer Services IUA

Off-ICMC Sessions

Improvisation music with local groups of Barcelona, to be defined, and we have the support of the IBA(Liba Vilavecchia, Agustí Fernández), Taller de Músics and Gracia Territori Sonor (LEM).

CD ICMC 2005

A CD of about 70 minutes will be produced according to the recommendations of the program committee


A book containing all the technical papers accepted by the technical committee will be printed (about 520 pages)

Activities Booklet

A booklet containing all activities of ICMC 2005 will be printed.(about 144 pages)

Poster Sessions:

Available in Auditorium spaces

Exhibition stands:

Available upon request