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Barcelona, September 5-9, 2005


Free Sound
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Selected Papers

Paper ID Paper title Author(s)
1005 free sound within culturally specific practice gluck, robert
1017 the combination of visual and sonic generative processes in a digital landscape otondo, felipe; petersen, thomas
1020 the suicided voice - the mediated voice bokowiec, julie; bokowiec, mark
1061 musical thought networked tanzi, dante
1099 melody detection in polyphonic audio: using note salience and melodic smoothness cardoso, am�lcar; mendes, teresa; paiva, rui pedro
1138 an sql-based control system for live electronics canavese, francesco; giomi, francesco; meacci, damiano; schwoon, kilian
1293 template based key finding from audio izmirli, ozgur
1297 freedom within structural constraints in the darkride composition harrican day england, robert
1326 mmt travel kit mountain, rosemary
1003 towards an automated music teaching system: automatic recognition of musical melodies using the wf-4r takanishi, atsuo; suefuji, kei; chida, keisuke; solis alfaro, jorge
1006 the overtone violin: a new computer music instrument overholt, dan
1008 algebraic groups and chord tesselations jedrzejewski, franck
1009 the music, technology and innovation research centre (mti) at de montfort university � studio report landy, leigh
1010 simulation of human voice timbre by orchestration of acoustic music instruments hummel, thomas a.
1013 synapse>valentine: reuniting acoustic and electronic baguyos, jeremy castro
1014 the deleuze-ian/guattarian performance: performancing at n-1 dimensions franziska, schroeder
1015 collaboration with live audiences in the orchestral concert hall freeman, jason
1019 an automated event analysis system with compositional applications collins, nick
1021 a genetic algorithm for the automatic generation of playable guitar tablature tuohy, daniel r.; potter, walter d.
1022 midi to sp-midi transcoding using phrase stealing lui, simon; horner, andrew; ayers, lydia
1023 timing is tempo-specific honing, henkjan
1024 jack audio server for multi-processor machines letz, stephane; fober, dominique; orlarey, yann
1026 plymouth brain-computer music interface project: intelligent assistive technology for music-making mullaney, hilary; boskamp, bram; brouse, andrew; miranda, eduardo
1027 musical score generation kim-boyle, david
1028 image-sound integration in two works for piano and computer kim-boyle, david
1030 semi-supervised classification of muscial genre using multi-view features yang, jing; zhang, changshui; xu, yunpeng
1032 imutus score processing components fober, dominique; letz, st�phane; orlarey, yann
1033 editing strategies for b�zier-modeled continuous expression curves battey, bret
1035 block-based physical modeling for digital sound synthesis of membranes and plates rudolf, rabenstein; stefan, petrausch
1036 composition as game strategy: making music by playing board games against evolved artificial neural networks zhang, qijun; miranda, eduardo
1037 kitty: a package for external patches communication management in max/msp � a progress report sousa dias, antonio; ferreira lopes, paulo
1038 the architecture of auracle: a voice-controlled, networked sound instrument freeman, jason; ramakrishnan, sekhar; varnik, kristjan; neuhaus, max; burk, phil; birchfield, david
1041 inner room extension of a general model for spatial processing of sounds yadegari, shahrokh
1044 rolling the jching: an algorithmic compositional system hamilton, robert
1045 jack-on: a low-cost wireless sensor interface moon, barry
1046 a novel approach to mixed model discrete-time domain simulation of the sound field generated by a string escolano, jos�; pueo, basilio; petrausch, stefan; rabenstein, rudolf
1048 extended principal components analysis matching with spectral weighting for wavetable synthesis wun, simon; horner, andrew; ayers, lydia
1050 granular synthesis of sounds through markov chains with fuzzy control maia, adolfo; miranda, eduardo
1052 lie poisson synthesis benzel, steven
1053 amazon time zone keller, damian; capasso, ariadna; capasso, diana
1054 the �cosmos� model; an event generation system for synthesizing emergent sonic structures bokesoy, sinan
1062 automatic generation of metrical structure based on gttm tojo, satoshi tojo; hirata, keiji hirata; hamanaka, masatoshi hamanaka
1064 application of image sonification methods to music berger, jonathan; yeo, woon seung
1065 developing cross-platform audio and music applications with the clam framework amatriain, xavier; arumi, pau
1067 a simple dynamic tone hole model for real-time synthesis of clarinet-like instruments guillemain, philippe; terroir, jonathan
1068 an interactive aural approach to the analysis of computer music clarke, michael
1069 new warped lpc-based feature for fast and robust speech/music discrimination rivas pe�a, fernando; vera candeas, pedro; ruiz reyes, nicolas; garcia galan, sebastian; mu�oz exposito, jose enrique
1070 modernising live electronics technology in the works of jonathan harvey coccioli, lamberto; bullock, jamie
1071 new approaches to digital subtractive synthesis huovilainen, antti; valimaki, vesa
1072 multi-ripple loss filter for waveguide piano synthesis lehtonen, heidi-maria; rauhala, jukka; valimaki, vesa
1073 spaa: an agent based interactive composition spicer, michael
1074 the first five years of concatenative sound synthesis schwarz, diemo
1075 the compositional processes of electroacoustic composers: four contrasting perspectives upton, catherine; eaglestone, barry; ford, nigel
1076 evolving adaptive sensors in a synthetic listener peter, beyls
1077 the "air worm": an interface for real-time manipulation of expressive music performance widmer, gerhard; goebl, werner; dixon, simon
1078 studio report: music research centre, department of music, university of york myatt, tony
1079 extensions to the similarity neighborhood model for finding subsequences of melodies in musical pieces obermayer, klaus; adiloglu, kamil
1083 towards schenkerian analysis by computer: a reductional matrix marsden, alan
1085 a pen-based musical score editor s�bastien, mac�; eric, anquetil; elodie, garrivier; bruno, bossis
1086 scrime studio report desainte-catherine, myriam; hanna, pierre; marchand, sylvain
1087 demonstration of faust signal processing language orlarey, yann; fober, dominique; letz, stephane
1088 data anticipation for gesture recognition in the air percussion desainte-catherine, myriam; marchand, sylvain; havel, christophe; goudard, vincent
1089 a flexible authoring tool for wave field synthesis pueo, basilio; escolano, jos�; l�pez, jos� javier; bleda, sergio
1090 ixi software: open controllers for open source audio software magnusson, thor
1091 imutus - an effective practicing environment for music tuition orlarey, yann; hansen, kjetil falkenberg; baxevanis, alexandros; letz, stephane; schoonderwaldt, erwin; chalamandaris, aimilios; fober, dominique; askenfelt, anders; raptis, spyros
1092 an evaluation of warping techniques applied to partial envelope analysis timoney, joseph; lysaght, tom; macmanus, lorcan; lazzarini, victor
1094 modeling a processive perspective on meter in music volk, anja
1095 notation-based ancient greek music synthesis with arion politis, dionysios; vandikas, konstantinos; margounakis, dimitrios
1096 from boulez to ballads: training ircam's score follower schwarz, diemo; cont, arshia; schnell, norbert
1097 modalys demonstration ellis, nicholas; bensoam, jo�l; causs�, ren�
1098 tiling the (musical) line with polynomials: some theoretical and implementational aspects emmanuel, amiot; moreno, andreatta; carlos, agon
1102 karaoke system with spatial acoustics estimation for vocal or instrumental removal dubnov, shlomo; xiang, pei
1103 a streaming object oriented implementation of the modal distribution lazzarini, victor; lysaght, thomas; timoney, joseph
1104 synthesis and perceptual manipulation of percussive sounds ystad, solvi; kronland-martinet, richard; aramaki, mitsuko; voinier, thierry
1105 haile � towards robotic musicianship weinberg, gil; driscoll, scott; parry, mitch
1106 automatic location of vocal music thumbanil shi, yuan-yuan; zhu, xuan; oh, kwang-cheol
1111 drumtrack: beat induction from an acoustic drum kit with synchronised scheduling collins, nick
1113 symbolic control of sound synthesis in a computer-assisted composition environment carlos, agon; marco, stroppa; jean, bresson
1115 mimesis, a visual and musical instrument karman, gregorio; sim�, agueda
1116 synthesizing a javanese gong ageng ayers, lydia; horner, andrew
1117 a physical model and experimental testbed for real-time simulation of flute-like instruments de la cuadra, patricio; fabre, benoit
1118 lattice: strategies for and against control in an improvisation instrument burns, christopher
1119 software agents and creating music/sound art: frames, directions, and where to from here ? whalley, ian
1120 using timbre in a computer-based improvisation system hsu, william
1121 software for spectral analysis, editing, and synthesis klingbeil, michael
1122 extending dynamic stochastic synthesis brown, andrew
1124 group structure and equivalence classes in extended twelve-tone operations ilom�ki, tuukka
1126 evolution and embodiment: playable instruments for free music favilla, stuart
1127 visual audio - a package for designing, tuning and testing audio applications for embedded processors van duyne, scott; stilson, tim; jaffe, david a.
1129 radial/elliptical basis function neural networks for timbre classification cook, perry; park, tae hong
1132 navigating the landscape of computer aided algorithmic composition systems: a definition, seven descriptors, and a lexicon of systems and research ariza, christopher
1134 real-time auditory models pressnitzer, daniel; gnansia, dan
1135 concatenation and stretch/squeeze of musical instrumentalsound using sound morphing osaka, naotoshi
1136 michelangelo lupone: "corda di metallo" (1997) cianciusi, walter
1137 sliding is smoother than jumping ffitch, john; bradford, russell; dobson, richard
1139 dissonance, noise and sex: (re)building (hi)stories of electroacoustic music �lvarez fern�ndez, miguel
1140 enp expression designer - a visual tool for creating user definable expressions kuuskankare, mika; laurson, mikael
1141 sound diffusion using hand-held light-emitting pen controllers rebelo, pedro; alcorn, michael; brown, ken
1142 electroacoustic performance interfaces that learn from their users melo, andr�s; drever, john; wiggins, geraint
1143 emergence as a sonic construct rebelo, pedro; davis, tom
1144 paths on stern-brocot tree and winding numbers of modes vicinanza, domenico
1145 a virtual patchbay for robust distributed interactive music systems dannenberg, roger
1149 ace: a general-purpose classification ensemble optimization framework mckay, cory; mcennis, daniel; fiebrink, rebecca; fujinaga, ichiro
1150 using a perceptually based timbre metric for parameter controlestimation in a physical model of the clarinet smith, julius; berger, jonathan; terasawa, hiroko
1153 extracting the melody of an image using probabilistic genetic algorithm ghavami zadeh, ramak; pirnia, abbas
1154 audio signal driven sound synthesis poepel, cornelius; dannenberg, roger b.
1155 large-scale duration organization in �hodoi t� erg�� kuitunen, kimmo; kuuskankare, mika; laurson, mikael
1156 an efficient algorithm for motivic pattern extraction based on a cognitive modeling lartillot, olivier
1157 on the relative influence of even and odd harmonics in clarinet timbre barthet, mathieu; guillemain, philippe; kronland-martinet, richard; ystad, solvi
1159 beginner�s mind: an environment for sonic improvisation ciufo, thomas
1160 design and implementation of automatic evaluation of recorder performance in imutus falkenberg hansen, kjetil; askenfelt, anders; schoonderwaldt, erwin
1161 timbre, time, pitch and gestural motion in �ris by jo�o pedro oliveira-all rudy, paul
1162 tactile composition systems for collaborative free sound o'shea, chris; livingstone, dan
1165 the phase project : haptic and visual interaction for music exploration lambert, jean-philippe; gosselin, florian; rodet, xavier; pascal, mobuchon; roland, cahen
1169 state-based sequencing: directing the evolution of music prugel-bennett, adam; nixon, mark s.; jewell, michael o.
1171 a new dissimilarity metric for the clustering of partials using the common variation cue lagrange, mathieu
1172 a smarter way to find pitch wyvill, geoff; mcleod, philip
1173 peak extraction and partial tracking of music signals using kalman filtering satar-boroujeni, hamid; shafai, bahram
1174 micro textures with marco-notes kuuskankare, mika; laurson, mikael
1175 elevation problems in the auralisation of sound sources with arbitrary shape with wave field synthesis baalman, marije
1177 surviving on planet ccrma, two years later and still alive lopez-lezcano, fernando
1178 an algorithm for audio skew compensation in low latency environments werner, stefan
1180 haptic theremin: developing a haptic musical controller using the sensable phantom omni cunitz, bryan; moss, william 'pete'
1181 design, implementation, and application of a generative model for soundscape creation birchfield, david; mattar, nahla; sundaram, hari
1182 responsive environments: new technology and theatre sound kraskin, michael
1183 combining audio and gestures for a real-time improviser morales, roberto; morales, eduardo
1185 lambda-gtk: a portable graphics layer for common music taube, heinrich
1188 the digital intonarumori serafin, stefania
1189 using codes: cooperative music prototyping and its educational perspectives manara miletto, evandro
1191 the ballancer --- gesturally controlled physics-based sound rath, matthias
1192 isis, an alternative approach to sound waves barlow, clarence
1193 motivic analysis regarding rudolph reti: formalization within a topological model buteau, chantal
1194 phase bashing for sample-based formant synthesis puckette, miller
1196 sonenvir - a progress report h�ldrich, robert; frauenberger, christopher; de campo, alberto
1197 orb3 � musical robots within an adaptive social composition system livingstone, dan; miranda, eduardo
1198 towards a roadmap for the research in music technology serra, xavier
1200 visualization of low dimensional structure in tonal pitch space saul, lawrence k.; burgoyne, j. ashley
1202 geometry in sound: a speech/music audio classifier inspired by an image classifier k�gl, bal�zs; eck, douglas; casagrande, norman
1205 ftm - complex data structures for max schnell, norbert schnell
1207 sndtools: real-time audio dsp and 3d visualization cook, perry; wang, ge; misra, ananya
1208 optimal positioning in low-dimensional control spaces using convex optimization wessel, david; kassakian, peter
1209 towards the synthesis of wavefront evolution in 2-d essl, georg
1210 a synaesthetic approach for a synthesizer interface based on genetic algorithms and fuzzy sets schatter, g�nther; z�ger, emanuel; nitschke, christian
1211 perceptual atomic noise jensen, kristoffer
1213 improvisation planning and jam session design using concepts of sequence variation and flow experience assayag, gerard
1216 musical processes mayer-lindenberg, fritz
1218 algorithms today - notes on language design for just in time programming wieser, renate; de campo, alberto; rohrhuber, julian
1220 gismo: an application for agent base composition uozumi, yuta
1225 designing and implementing chuck and the turing time machine misra, ananya; cook, perry; wang, ge
1227 ilearn: an itunes audio indexing plug-in for education mcallister, graham
1230 control of vst plug-ins using osc zbyszynski, michael
1231 performing algorithmic computer music esler, robert
1233 qosqo: spirituality, process and structure kendall, gary
1234 wavetable interpolation of multiple instrument tones mohr, jonathan; li, xiaobo
1235 a stethoscope for imaginary sound: interactive sound in a health care environment wilson, paul; alcorn, michael; rebelo, pedro
1237 spatialisation using sounding objects bilbao, stefan; alcorn, michael; van walstijn, maarten
1238 the prosthetic conga: towards an actively controlled hybrid musical instrument rebelo, pedro; van walstijn, maarten
1239 new sound decomposition method applied to granular synthesis pottier, laurent; bascou, charles
1244 towards a semantic descriptor of subjective intensity in music sandvold, vegard
1245 "play it again, south" [where all that music was before?] dal farra, ricardo
1246 sarc: studio report alcorn, michael; corrigan, chris; rebelo, pedro
1247 re-wired : reworking 20th century live electronics for today polfreman, richard; dearden, ian; sheppard, david
1248 liem-cdmc, studio report n��ez, adolfo
1249 the machine learning and intelligent music processing group at the austrian research institute for artificial intelligence (�fai), vienna widmer, gerhard; dixon, simon; flexer, arthur; goebl, werner; knees, peter; madsen, soren tjagvad; pampalk, elias; pohle, tim; schedl, markus; tobudic, asmir
1250 forma del respiro by michelangelo lupone spanu, luca
1251 the virtual electronic poem (vep) project lombardo, vincenzo
1253 rtmidi, rtaudio, and a synthesis toolkit (stk) update cook, perry; scavone, gary
1254 a finite difference plate model bilbao, stefan
1258 analysis of electroacoustic works with music and language intersections segnini, rodrigo; ruviaro, bruno
1259 estimating transfer function from the air conduction to the bone conduction using singing voice berger, jonathan; won, sook young
1260 a taxonomy of sequencer user-interfaces duignan, matthew; biddle, robert; noble, james
1261 studio report: university of victoria music intelligence and sound technology interdisciplinary centre (mistic) driessen, peter f.; schloss, w. andrew; tzanetakis, george; mcnally, kirk; kapur, ajay
1262 page turning and image size in a digital music stand bell, tim; church, annabel; mcpherson, john; bainbridge, david
1263 audio analogies: creating new music from an existing performance by concatenative synthesis agrawala, maneesh; salesin, david; basu, sumit; simon, ian
1264 a history of robotic musical instruments kapur, ajay
1267 time-stretching using the instantaneous frequency distribution and partial tracking lysaght, tom; timoney, joe; lazzarini, victor
1268 varese's poeme electronique regained: evidence from the vep project ffitch, john; dobson, richard; tazelaar, kees; lomdardo, vincenzo; valle, andrea
1269 importance of inharmonicity in the acoustic guitar karjalainen, matti; j�rvel�inen, hanna
1271 guitar fingering for music performance radicioni, daniele
1273 home conducting � control the overall musical expression with gestures friberg, anders
1274 electroacoustic music laboratory. jesus guridi conservatoire of music garcia de la torre, alfonso
1275 what is the color of that music performance? bresin, roberto
1277 virtual audio reproduction engine for spatial environments zm�lnig, johannes m; musil, thomas; zouhar, vit; h�ldrich, robert
1279 the semantichifi project hugues, vinet
1280 the reactable* jord�, sergi; kaltenbrunner, martin; geiger, g�nter; bencina, ross
1281 intra-note features prediction model for jazz saxophone performance ramirez, rafael; hazan, amaury; maestre, esteban
1283 tonality visualization of polyphonic audio bonada, jordi; g�mez, emilia
1284 an associative approach to computer-assisted music composition dahan, kevin
1285 a goals-based review of physical modelling for music cadoz, claude; castagne, nicolas
1286 the thing like us: a topology of ultra-low frequencies van maas, sander
1288 developing tools for studying musical gestures within the max/msp/jitter environment jensenius, alexander refsum; godoy, rolf inge; wanderley, marcelo m.
1289 semantic segmentation of music audio contents herrera, perfecto; ong, bee suan
1291 the laboratory for creative arts & technologies - studio report beck, stephen david
1294 the m-objects: a small library for musical rhythm generation and musical tempo control from dance movement in real time guedes, carlos
1299 a framework for perceptually-based interaction in sound synthesis hepting, daryl; gerhard, david
1300 sound re-synthesis from feature sets - audible insight into a music feature extraction process p�lzlbauer, georg; rauber, andreas; lidy, thomas
1301 time variable tempo detection and beat marking (using reassigned spectral energy flux, combined dtf/acf and viterbi algorithm) peeters, geoffroy
1302 music haptic : musical harmony notions for all with a force feedback mouse and a spatial representation tornil, bertrand
1303 towards a holophonic musical texture kokoras, panayiotis
1306 implicit patching for dataflow-based audio analysis and synthesis tzanetakis, george; bray, stuart
1307 a generalized parametric reed model for virtual musical instruments smyth, tamara; abel, jonathan; smith iii, julius o.
1308 larynxophone: using voice as a wind controller loscos, alex; celma, oscar
1311 the rhythm transform: towards a generic rhythm description guaus, enric; herrera, perfecto
1312 automated testing of open-source music software with opensound control chaudhary, amar
1314 piano case, keyboard, and strings: separation-derived musical instruments in an interactive composition kojs, juraj
1315 why does the acoustic space of churches exalt the gregorian chant? a first step towards acoustic characterization by means of modulation transfer function onali, paolo; astolfi, arianna; pisani, raffaele; vitale, renzo
1316 the integral music controller: introducing a direct emotional interface to gestural control of sound synthesis cook, perry r.; knapp, r. benjamin
1317 co-audicle: a collaborative audio programming space cook, perry; davidson, philip; misra, ananya; wang, ge
1318 medialogy at aalborg university copenhagen nordahl, rolf; serafin, stefania
1319 pocket gamelan: a blueprint for performance using wireless devices havryliv, mark; schiemer, greg
1323 real time signal transposition with envelope preservation in the phase vocoder rodet, xavier; roebel, axel
1327 studio report: university of minnesota, usa geers, douglas
1328 open-source matlab tools for interpolation of sdif sinusoidal synthesis parameters wright, matthew; smith, julius
1330 timbre as a psychoacoustic parameter for harmonic composition and analysis einbond, aaron; hunt, jeremy; maccallum, john
1332 dissco: a unified approach to sound synthesis and composition tipei, sever; kaper, hans
1333 wireless dance control: pair and wisear topper, david; swendsen, peter
1334 musicstrands: the platform for discovering and exploring music torrens, marc
1335 fuzzy rules in computer-assisted music interpretation kiseliova, tatiana
1337 musique lab 2 : a three level approach for music education at school vincent, puig
1338 if i had a hammer: design and theory of an electromagnetically-prepared piano berdahl, edgar; backer, steven; smith iii, julius o.

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